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HVAC Leaks Can Damage Your Home!!

Your HVAC system produces moisture when it runs and is designed to drain the excess water away from the home. If the drain line gets plugged (dirt rodents, spid... READ MORE

Bathrooms and Mold

A bathroom with its excess moisture and humidity can be a breeding ground for mold. Most times, proper ventilation (use the exhaust fan!) removes the moisture a... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in Kitchen

Leaving on a long vacation can be an exciting event, coming home to a moldy kitchen isn't! SERVPRO of West Modesto insureds were gone for 6 weeks, little did th... READ MORE

Water Damage

The water damage near West Modesto, CA was a result of a dishwasher leaking in kitchen. The technician was able to save the hardwood floors, cabinets and walls ... READ MORE

Sewage damage in crawlspace of house

This sewage damage was located in the crawl space in a home near West Modesto, CA. This sewage damage was caused by a broken drain line from underneath the hous... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinets and Hardwood Floors

This water damage in the West Modesto area was caused by a dishwasher drain hose, which damaged the kitchen cabinets and hardwood floors also water went down in... READ MORE

Hallway Cleanup

This home is located in the West Modesto, CA area had a water damage that caused their walls and hardwood floor to be wet. There is moistness that is entrapped ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

In the before picture mold is evident in a West Modesto area Business, the cause of this water damage is a broken water supply line under a sink. The customer m... READ MORE

Mold on Kitchen Walls in Modesto, CA

A roof leak created water damage in the West Modesto area business. SERVPRO of West Modesto worked to restore the effected area and prevent any secondary damage... READ MORE